About Us

BarfrontThe Mill Hill Saloon is the last of a dying breed of bar.  We are the dive and the diva.  Casual dining, microbrews and the best in underground original music mark our style.  We are the corner bar, the “local” and the bohemian hideout–the hip, hidden treasure that for over 30 years has served as a cornerstone of Trenton’s artistic renaissance.

We occupy a cozy spot atop the the historic Mill Hill District of Downtown Trenton, on the corner of Market and Broad Streets.  Our cobblestone sidewalks are safe, well-lit, and bustling with the foottraffic of locals, state workers and up and coming artists of all genre and mediums.  Our atmosphere is friendly, but our attitude is not for the feint of heart!  We rock our style and we expect the same from you…

…after all, we are where–for better or worse–everyone knows your name…that is, if yours is a name to be known!

So come in for a pint of good brew, a hearty meal, tasty treat or great original tunes.  Leave knowing you’ve met some of the coolest people in Trenton, nay, the world!

It’s a Steal! Certified Saloon Membership Cards

Steal-Card-GraphicIt’s the makings of an old fashioned regular’s club. The Mill Hill Saloon’s Steal Card brings it’s boaster a boatload of savings that will be sure to increase over time.

As prices are raised on food and drink to accommodate elevated taxes and food cost, this little card keeps things just as they were in the good old days for Saloon members. It costs only $20, which means a weekly regular will begin seeing savings in just a month or two!

Moreover, all the proceeds from card sales are being put into renovations and improvements at the bar: new hard wood flooring, painting, fresh storefront, staging, newly dressed tables, and more. This way you can feel confident that you are doing your part to keep your favorite local hideout fresh, fun and affordable.

To get yours, stop in to the Mill Hill Saloon and ask for one today!


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