Big Things in Trenton, NJ

Anthony_PhiloNow Booking Friday Night Concert Series

The Mill Hill Saloon is partnering with Vibe Cafe Inc. to produce an ongoing concert series on Friday nights starting at 10pm in the Basement.

Jeramiah_TNLIf you would like to suggest a band for us to book, please email

The Mill Hill Saloon is bringing 30 years of live Jazz music into the next generation of great original music. The Saloon is an intimate venue with a capacity of 250 music lovers upstairs, in the main dining room, Adriana_Small and 75 fans in the Basement lounge. As a venue, we provide our rock-stars with kind hospitality and our concert-goers with an up close and personal live music experience. Both upstairs and in the basement, we are the musician’s bar…home of live music in Trenton.

The Mill Hill Saloon has partnered with Vibe Cafe Live, a local promotion and production company on a mission to make good vibes in the Trenton area by promoting local arts and producing live events all over town. A portion of all Vibe Cafe’s proceeds go toward the ReVibe Fund, a non-profit foundation that empowers creative people in the Trenton area to make a difference in their city through the arts. Together, the Mill Hill Saloon, Vibe Cafe Inc. and the ReVibe Fund are working with Trenton’s arts community to build a sustainable arts industry and a home for artists and art-lovers in New Jersey’s capital city.

VC Says: Get Involved


…Create Your Own Damn City!

Wish you had an ultra-cool city to hang out in and enjoy original art and music? Well, we’ve found the makings of the a rockin’ arts destination right here…yes! Trenton! Mitch

Go ahead! Spend your hard earned time and money driving to other places (New Brunswick, Philly or New York)–and there’s always the option to feel totally out of place in the manicured mainstream of Princeton Boro–or, YOU could BE A PART OF SOMETHING BIG. Let your creativity and presence Sam_Upstairs-Barmake a big impact in the Trenton Arts Scene: the one YOU will help create…right here, right now!

If you love music, art and the idea of seeing cool things happen in your city, then we want YOU on our team!  Vibe Cafe Live offers internships in many fields of study and we are also always adding to our volunteer street team and looking for partners within the Trenton community.



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